dim art logoThere was a problem in the site's code that prevented users from booking. This is now fixed and full funcionality of the Booking Form has been restored!

Thanks for your patience!

Tripadvisor Cert 2016Talk about an early bird! We started the "real" work around the end of March, but it seems like it already payed off! Last week, we got this from Tripadvisor.com, which basically means that in a place where 120.000.000 people look for places to stay or visit every day, Harry's stands out from the average and with honours too! It was a beautiful surprise so early in the season, and the best motivation! We owe a big "thank you" to all who contributed in this, either with their reviews or with their efforts, and aim for next year too!
New season's olive oil is ready!Our_Oil_copy.jpg

dim art logoAs season gets closer to its end (last guests leave on the 12th of November), we would like to thank you all, both guests who chose to pass their valuable holidays here in the quite village of Emporios with us, or passers-by who came in drawn by the garden or the little 'fame' we've put together as a nice, relaxed place to eat healthy and locally.

Your comments, compliments, opinions and even complaints are all valuable to us, in forming our goals for next year: Improve on what's good, fix what's not satisfying and keep up Harry's spirit!

I would also like to thank personally everybody on the team who have worked so hard and especially my lovely wife for her patience, good spirits and all-out enthousiasm!

See ya next year!

Sunset in Kefala

dim art logoWe would like to reassure all our guests that nothing has changed in the services you'd exect from Harry's, neither in our apartments, nor in the restaurant! The totally biased media coverage of late regarding the referendum and the proclaimed elections, has left a lot of people with important questions about their holiday plans. Capital controls in the banks are in effect only for cash cards issued by Greek banks. They are NOT set by some 'higher authority' but by the banks themselves to protect their cashflow from people withdrawing large sums of money from their accounts... As so many of the guests currently enjoying their holidays in Kalymnos have discovered, there is no problem with cards and accounts from other countries.

We felt this had to be posted to let you know after all the hype in the media.

Have a great holiday in Kalymnos!

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Beds Info

All rooms can be fitted with the bed formation you like/need. We can also add a third single bed for small families, or a baby cot for the ones travelling with little people!
Guest Inn


There's parking space in front of the apartments, should you need it.

Laundry service

If you need to wash something, let us know!


There's free Wi-Fi connection available everywhere in Harry's, as well as in the area around.